Strengthening Relationships Between
Chinese and American Businesses

Connecting China’s Wind Energy Manufacturers and USA’s Private Energy Systems

USCBS is connecting the USA engineering and power systems company “Private Energy Systems” to major manufactures in China to bring proven technology and high value manufacturing of wind turbine components into the USA market.

  • Tap our insight into China’s fast growing wind energy power expertise
  • Get proven performance at the best possible price
  • Obtain instant access to the best wind energy factories in China
Private Energy Systems, Inc.  is a provider of wind energy, solar energy, and other alternative energy solutions in the USA marketing.  They offer turn-key integrated systems that include Vertical Access Wind Turbines, Horizontal Wind Turbines, Renewable Energy Storage Systems, Hybrid Wind and Generator Products, System Controls, and Automation.

Power Utility Solutions – Wind Power Stations and On-Grid Solutions

Ghrepower  provides the up to 500 kW Wind Turbine units for many of major wind power installation projects.  They offer a wide array of wind power solutions for major projects and have exported to Germany, UK, Italy, Korea and more.  Their hybrid wind/solar energy system installed base exceeds 10,000 units worldwide.    

Small Scale Wind Applications

Ginlong Technologies is a leading company in manufacturing and design services for small scale wind turbine systems and parts.  Their expertise in systems under 30 kW, permanent magnet generators, grid connected inverters, and intelligent controllers is world class. They have over 20 years of expertise and proven quality products in the wind energy field.

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