Strengthening Relationships Between
Chinese and American Businesses

  1. What type of products do you source for your clients?

    − We can source anything from commodity items, such as plastic or metal goods, tocustomizedproducts. Visit our services section to learn more about the products we can source and our case studies section to learn about the products we have already sourced for clients.

  1. What kind of businesses do you work with?

    − Our primary customers are small to medium-sized American businesses that do not have the resources to source in China on their own.

  1. What services do you provide?

    − We can help determine whether you benefit from sourcing in China, identify qualified factories foryour products, negotiate pricing on your behalf, and get you up and running in an average of three months to one year.

  1. Are you a non-profit organization?

    − We are not a non-profit organization; we do charge fees for our services. Our clients typically find it is more cost-effective to source through us than attempt to source in China on their own.

  1. What fees does US China Business Solutions charge?

    − Our fees depend on the customer's needs. Please fill out our RFQ form, so we can determine which model is best for you.

  1. What kind of savings can I expect?

    − Our customers have experienced an average savings of 15%, with some saving up to 60%. It alldepends on the individual project.

  1. How long does it take to source in China?

    − From the initial inquiry to delivery at the customer site, sourcing in China can take anywhere from three months to one year, depending on the product.

  1. Why should I use US China Business Solutions instead of going to China myself?

    − Many companies do not have the resources that are needed to source in China—time, money, translators, relationships—to name a few. US China Business Solutions provides an already-established presence with an extensive network of suppliers in China, which saves your company both the time and the money that is required to enter the Chinese market. Think of us as extension of your company—your virtual sourcing division.

  1. Why should I source through US China Business Solutions rather than another sourcing company?

    − US China Business Solutions prepares quotes based on your specifications, using your actual drawings and samples. We maintain open communications with both our customers and our suppliers and keep our customers appraised of all developments, whatever they may be. We are invested in each project we take on and will not take on any projects that we do not believe will be successful for either us or our customer.

  1. How can I get started with my sourcing project?

    − Complete our RFQ form and email it to or fax to 202-318-6405.

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